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Imagine a scenario where you find yourself adrift in a lifeboat in the middle of the ocean.  Have you ever stopped to consider who you would like with you in that lifeboat – and why?

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It takes all sorts of individuals and characteristics to make a good team and achieve greatness.  But what sort of team would you want in a lifeboat?  Every situation is different, so matching your team to the demands of each is essential.

Will they be calm in a crisis; will they add practical foresight; will they be natural leaders; will they pull their weight?  And, importantly, will they be able to work together so that you all survive?  Some people are born leaders – but may lack interpersonal skills; some prefer to follow without having to make decisions – but can always be relied upon; some are calm, level-headed and logical, able to foresee possible problems and pitfalls along the way; some are hot-headed and impetuous but, managed correctly, often bring positivity and original ideas to the table; and some may have personality traits that clash with their colleagues – but that energy could be harnessed in a constructive way.  Empathy and humour are essential qualities in almost any team scenario, particularly when under pressure – and a harmonious team is a more successful team.

Even though it is your lifeboat, that doesn’t mean that you have to be the leader; each of you will bring important qualities to the experience and your individual contributions will have an impact on the whole team.  So choose wisely when you fill your lifeboat – otherwise it could have dramatic consequences!

Identifying team dynamics

It is just as essential to find the right team dynamics in the workplace, both within departmental teams and the company team as a whole.  A good team leader will also be able to identify and encourage individuals who may have been overlooked previously but have the potential to go far.

At LifeForward Coaching we use Insights Discovery® personality profiling within our team-effectiveness coaching to help groups to better understand and leverage their team dynamics.  The use of these profiles and the language of colour energies helps individuals to understand the different perceptions of each team member and how personal preferences may impact behaviour.  By understanding everyone’s strengths (and weaknesses),  each member learns to respect the others’ differences and how they can support each other more effectively.  This enables the team to perform to a higher level as a whole.

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