Resilience … It’s the thing that won us wars!

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That’s January done …

A new year and the gift of time to re-evaluate.  Not exactly the fresh new start we had hoped for … but at least there is now light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel by way of a vaccine.

LifeForward Insights Tomorrow is another day

Now is the time to harness your inner resilience for this (hopefully last) stage.  We all have a degree of capacity to recover from difficulties and change, displaying strength and flexibility.  Some would say that was the British spirit that has led us to win wars!  So take this time to re-boot and find ways to make the best of this situation.

What’s your perspective?

Whilst Lockdown and Tier restrictions are the new norm, it is often a matter of perspective and there may still be ways to find positives within the situation.  Here are some initial things to consider:

LifeForward Insights When your Home is your Office


  • LifeForward Insights New Year PlanningHow can you make the best of the current limitations?  Perhaps look for new ways to engage with work colleagues virtually and be sympathetic to others’ need for personal space in your household.  Connect online, even if just for a coffee and catch-up with someone who may be self-isolating … etc.

  • What do you want to achieve this year – both in business and in your personal life?  What do you need to change in order to achieve your goals?

  • Is there anything you can do to ease your financial situation – for example, disposing of an expensive car or travel season ticket that is no longer needed?

  • Can you set yourself some physical goals in order to stay fit during this Lockdown?  The release of endorphins via physical exercise will always improve your mood and sense of wellbeing.  Time spent exercising can also allow precious thinking space.  

  • Have you got all your paperwork and affairs in order?  All too often these are neglected due to hectic work/lifestyles, and yet they are so important.  Make use of the valuable time saved by not having to commute in order to do this.


Call if you need us!

Working with an external coach can really help to finetune some of these things. Speaking to someone outside your personal circle of family and friends can often be easier and hence bring clarity to situations.  

LifeForward Insights What I can control

Please let us know if we can help; we would love to hear from you.  Lockdown affords the perfect opportunity for a virtual coffee and chat, so do get in touch.


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