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Executive Coaching

Coaching helps to bring clarity of thought and changes in behaviour to help develop the confidence to move forward and fulfil our potential.

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Insights Discovery®

Insights Discovery is a personal profiling tool which builds on Carl Jung’s 8-type wheel to describe preferences and behaviours in terms of colour energies.

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Tranformational Leadership

Transformational Leaders lead with authenticity and vision, creating a positive environment within which motivated teams will flourish.

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Business Coaching

At LifeForward, our coaches bring more than 20 years of business experience to business coaching alongside their coaching expertise.

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Team Coaching

The difference between a group of people working together and a high performing team is synergy.  It’s that additional magic in the mix that means the output of the team is far greater than the sum of the efforts of its individual members.

Working together towards common goals with a foundation of trust and respect maximises a team’s potential and delivers results. 


LifeForward international services

Any time, any place ..

We have offices in Europe and – through our associate LifeForward Pte Ltd –  in South-East Asia.

With offsite venues on two continents, LifeForward brings leadership, team and personal development to you wherever you are.

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