Workshop 4 - Resilient Leadership in Action


  1. Find your Insights Discovery Profile and have it to hand for the workshop!
  2. Agility and the Growth Mindset (you can use the attached document to note down your answers):
    1. Take note of approximately three situations you have experienced in the last twelve months in which you needed to be agile and adaptable
    2. What helped you (or helps you in general) to increase your agility and adaptability when needed?
    3. What exactly are the main causes for an increased need of agility for yourself in your current work. Make a note of three or four main topics.
  3. Reading and research on agility and the growth mindset
    1. Neuroplasticity video – click here
    2. Mindset research Insights Report – click here
  4. Complete the Resilience – self-reflection “short” activity
  5. Completed your second survey to monitor your own attitude to stress, resilience and overall well-being
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