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Our colour energies enhancing our teamwork at LifeForward

There is great excitement at LifeForward HQ today as we launch our new website to better reflect the key business areas of LifeForward in the UK and across the globe: Executive Coaching, Business Coaching, Leadership Development and Insights Discovery.

Come and take a look: LifeForward.  It is a great example of team work, with each of the Insights Discovery® colour energies coming to the fore to help us work together to complete our project:

LifeForward new website colourful childs hands

Brainstorming on the overall layout and design– let’s get creative, tapping into our yellow energy and brainstorming possibilities for the new website.

Putting our clients and potential clients first– let’s use that green energy and think what our potential clients might want to find out – not just what we, at LifeForward, want to tell them!

Let’s set some clear goals and challenge ourselves– Letting that red energy flow ensures we set goals and deadlines, we push ourselves to do our best and meet a tight schedule.

Down to the nitty-gritty and lots of reviews – that attention to detail becomes critical as we move forward with the project and the website begins to take shape. We tap into our blue energy as we progress through the project, making sure that changes are followed through, every page is accurate and all the components on each page work as we expect. 

Thankfully I have had a great team to work with me on the new website.  Rebecca Wade, at Purple Dog, has shown endless patience with us, and Kevin Holmes and Tessa Gatti, who joined the team at LifeForward at the beginning of this year, have been invaluable in the development and launch of the new site, keeping it on track, even when I was busy with other priorities.  You can learn more about the team within “Our Story” on the new site:

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