Leadership Development

The transition from management to leadership requires skills such as strategic planning, business development, eminence building, change management and personal impact.  Leaders need the confidence to lead authentically and with vision. 

At LifeForward we build leadership development programmes for clients that incorporate workshops, executive coaching and Insights Discovery® to help leaders develop their capabilities, target critical skills and identify areas for development.

Why work with us?

We help leaders to identify their strengths and leadership style and gain the confidence to lead authentically, aligning personal and business values in a clear vision for the future.  Our focus on self-awareness, self-assessment and self-management gives leaders the skills they need to continue to grow and develop throughout their career.

Common Areas of Focus

Leadership development at LifeForward

Leadership capabilities

Leadership style
Empathy and emotional intelligence
Creating a vision
Authentic leadership
Networking and business development
Leading a team

Business capabilities

Business planning
Strategic thinking
Change management
Growing the business
Reputation and risk
Developing talent
Client relationships
Networking and business development

Insights Discovery

Team effectiveness
Personal effectiveness

What to expect

Through LifeForward’s coaching approach to leadership development, abilities and strengths can be explored and limiting beliefs identified and overcome, helping leaders to develop a deeper understanding of the qualities of good leadership and how to exploit their own strengths and abilities to further develop those qualities.  Whether focusing on strategic business needs, personal skills development or self-awareness and team dynamics through Insights Discovery, LifeForward brings a range of tools and approaches to build tailor-made solutions for leadership development.

We also offer one-to-one coaching for leaders

Personal Growth

Leaders often need to build new skills and adapt their behaviour to become competent confident leaders.  Greater self-awareness enables leaders to grow and develop on a continuous basis.  With accurate self-assessment, leaders understand their strengths but also know when to ask for help.

Personal Development Solutions

LifeForward works with leaders to: develop self-awareness and awareness of others; communicate effectively; manage conflict; and build a broader suite of leadership capabilities.

Building Teams

Internal conflict within teams reduces productivity and causes disruption.  When this issue arises within the leadership team it can have a negative impact on the whole organisation and lead to a poor work environment for everyone.  A happy collaborative team environment enables everyone to thrive.

Team Development Solutions

LifeForward offers solutions tailored to the needs of each team.  We can assess team dynamics, build better communication and offer coaching workshops.

Building the Business

Leaders need to take a step back from day-to-day management to build a vision for the future.  They need to set aside sufficient time on a regular basis for strategic thinking and planning and should not let themselves be distracted by the daily operations that a competent team of managers is able to handle themselves.

Business Development Solutions

LifeForward helps leaders acquire the confidence needed to build the business and to make strategic decisions.  We help develop innovative thinking for building a leadership presence.


To be effective, any form of communication needs to be conveyed in a way that is meaningful to the recipient. This requires awareness of the recipient’s own perceptions and preferred communication styles. Leaders and teams need to be able to communicate effectively with each other and with clients.

Communication Solutions

LifeForward works with teams and individuals to help them better understand their own communication preferences and the impact these may have on others. We help clients build an understanding of others’ perceptions and preferences, and to develop effective listening and influencing skills.

The Benefits of Leadership Development
  • When considering leadership development, consider what type of leader you are looking for

  • Good leaders, who exhibit high self-awareness and accurate self-assessment, know their limitations and strengths. They therefore delegate effectively and will bring in specialist help as needed. Such leaders are open to continued learning and development and welcome constructive criticism and feedback. They can utilise their strengths to good effect and use their emotional intelligence to bring out the best in others

  • Once a leader has acquired these essential leadership capabilities, they will know how to use them on an ongoing basis, thereby creating a virtuous circle of continuous learning, growth and development

What our clients say

Sarah is a really great coach – she is approachable, personable and makes one feel at ease.  She is also a great listener.  In my view coaching works best if you are open to sharing honestly your toughest issues or deepest fears – be it work or personal.  Sarah is really good at asking probing questions which set me thinking hard on my current mindset and open my mind to new perspectives.


Deloitte LLP Singapore

Being a newly promoted partner who is still adjusting to the new role, the coaching sessions helped tremendously.  Sarah is a great listener and she always put my interests first.  Sarah has a deep understanding of how things work in our organisation and the demands of a client-facing function.  Hence, she is able to relate better and offer insightful advice on how to manage clients’ expectations as well as the firm’s expectations of a partner.  Sarah discussed my partner KPIs [key performance indicators] at length with me and asked probing questions to encourage me to think deeper about how I could better achieve them.


Deloitte LLP Singapore

The sessions were useful in helping me gain a better self-awareness of my leadership style and whether I am on the right track in terms of my approaches to addressing problems and issues…The sessions also helped with self-discovery as they .. force you to answer questions about yourself that you may not have thought to ask or you would rather not think about… It was also useful to have someone outside the firm to share thoughts and ideas on how situations or issues could be better addressed, and to gain a fresh perspective how to approach them.


Deloitte LLP Singapore
Leadership Development and Insights Discovery
  • Insights Discovery personality profiles are a valuable addition to leadership development programmes as they improve self-awareness and understanding of others

  • The different chapters available can provide additional insights into certain aspects of business life or personal growth

  • Insights Discovery can be incorporated as part of a broader leadership development programme or run as a separate workshop

Sarah Reynolds, LifeForward Coaching

Sarah Reynolds


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