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Insights Discovery ®

Insights Discovery is a psychometric evaluation tool that helps people develop self-awareness and deepen their understanding of themselves and others. Insights Discovery is a practical and visual model which describes preferences in terms of colour energies. We all have all four colour energies within us but it is the combination of the colour energies that creates each unique personality.

At LifeForward we use Insights Discovery in our workshops and in one-to-one coaching as a tool to develop self-awareness and understanding. Insights Discovery is a practical and visual model which builds on Carl Jung’s 8-type wheel to describe preferences in terms of colour energies. It allows people to easily recognise and understand differing personality styles and preferences and provides a common language for adapting and improving communication, teamwork and leadership capabilities.

Insights Discovery Colour Energy Wheel

The use of four colour energies – Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green and Cool Blue – creates a memorable common language and framework on which participants can base their future interactions.

Your Insights Discovery Personal Profile will give you:

A guide to your personal style and your preferences for interacting with others, decision-making and management style

Strengths and suggestions for development

An understanding of other personality types

Suggestions on possible blind spots, opportunities for learning and development, communication skills, influencing and leadership

At LifeForward we offer the opportunity to use Insights Discovery in many different ways.

The profile is versatile and in-depth enough to help individuals and teams through a wide range of issues, changes and growth:

As a tool to assist individual growth and development through coaching or as part of a personal development training programme

Working with teams to develop cohesion, better communication and understanding to improve performance and maximise team potential

As part of a leadership development programme, leaders can explore their personal leadership style, build awareness of the impact this has within and outside the organisation (both positive and problematic), and develop an action plan for personal growth and development

To provide a framework for organisational change and planning by improving communication across the organisation and within leadership. Applying Insights Discovery colour energies to the organisation to assess cultural attributes, strengths, and characteristics and to build a strategy to drive the potential of the organisation and its people.

Insights Wheel



Insights Discovery for Individuals

The concepts explored through the Personal Effectiveness programme give individuals the skills needed for continued self-development to improve communication and relationships and work harmoniously with others.



Insights Discovery for Teams

The Team Effectiveness programme gives teams a common language, framework and the analytical tools needed to help them understand and appreciate the unique value each brings to the team, to develop strong communication strategies and winning team dynamics.


Insights Discovery for Leaders

The concepts explored through the Leadership Effectiveness programme give leaders an opportunity to examine their personal leadership style, their value and their effectiveness as leaders and the opportunity to adapt and develop a broader, more effective approach to leadership.


Team Culture 

Insights Discovery for Organisations

Working with Insights Discovery organisational energies we are able to explore an organisation’s existing culture, assess the impact on the organisation and teams and help build the case for change. Whether working with leaders, teams or key individuals, LifeForward helps to build a winning culture.

The benefits of Insights Discovery
Using Insights Discovery in coaching can be very effective as:
  • A framework for self-understanding of both personal strengths and blind spots

  • A powerful way to raise self-awareness and analyse individual behaviours and preferences

  • A way to better understand interactions and communication with others

  • A leadership development tool to enhance leadership characteristics and adaptability, improve emotional intelligence, relationship and conflict management

What our clients say

Fascinating to have my Insights Discover profile done by Sarah Reynolds of LifeForward Ltd.  The results were both very interesting and very accurate.  A great building block for team building.

Chris Cloke Browne

MRSL Enterprise

I used Sarah’s services at LifeForward to help me, both personally and in my business role.  I had transitioned from a corporate management role to working as a director with my husband in our financial advice business.  Moving from an environment working within a large team of people to working with one other person was a massive change.  I also had to deal with moving from a role where I could specialise in one area to one where I had to do everything, from admin to book-keeping, which was a shock and a big knock to my confidence. 


Sarah helped me focus on all the things I am good at rather than judge myself by the ones I was not so comfortable with.  She gave me clarity of thinking and increased focus.  I would thoroughly recommend LifeForward Coaching from both a personal and business perspective.

Alison Henderson, Director

Somborne Financial Planning
How Insights Discovery is different
Insights Discovery is a valuable tool for organisational and leadership development and executive coaching as well as personal and team communication and effectiveness.
  • A leadership development tool to enhance leadership characteristics and adaptability, improve emotional intelligence, relationship and conflict management

  • It encourages people to be flexible in their communication and approach, learning to understand how to get the best from everyone in the team and using everyone's strengths

  • Insights Discovery can provide depth through a 20+ page Personal Profile

  • The model of the 72-type wheel provides a very practical and visual model that is easy to understand and can be used to develop memorable training sessions

Sarah Reynolds, LifeForward Coaching

Sarah Reynolds


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