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Hybrid Teams ... rebuild confidence and common purpose to thrive

The success of any business depends on the performance of its people.  Whether they are virtual, hybrid or full-time in the office, teams that are balanced, cohesive and focused are highly successful, productive and motivated.

During the pandemic, some teams have struggled to maintain cohesion and team morale. Now many are adjusting to a new working model, whether in terms of more flexible hours, hybrid working or full-time back in the office.

Now, more than ever, there is a need for teams to regain their confidence in working together, establish clear communication guidelines and understand their common strengths and purpose.

There is a lot of coverage of hybrid teams and hybrid working these days … at the start of the pandemic we talked about getting back to normal as soon as possible. As time went on, and more lockdowns followed, we started thinking about the new normal. Finally, 18 months on, we are beginning to get a sense of what that “new normal” may mean and we have created the vocabulary to describe it: “hybrid” working.

Team Leaders now need to focus on bringing teams back together and reconnecting with team purpose. Listen to the team and understand everyone’s different motivations and concerns. How can team and individual priorities and goals be aligned?

Team members need to think about how they can get the best from both environments – the positives from home-working that many identified over the last 18 months, and the advantages to be gained from regular face-to-face meetings in an office environment.

The team as a whole should think about how they communicate and work together. With hybrid working comes the possibility of hybrid meetings, amongst other things, and the need to make sure everyone feels included wherever they are based for work.

The concepts discovered through Insights Discovery® Team Effectiveness and Working as a Virtual Team workshops give teams a common language, a framework and the analytical tools needed to help them understand and appreciate the unique value each brings to the team. They develop strong communication strategies for their new hybrid working patterns and gain clarity of purpose to improve motivation and thrive.

Hybrid teams bring value

If you and your team have not worked with Insights before, you may want to start with the basic Introduction to Insights workshop to help everyone in the team improve their own self-awareness and understanding of others across areas such as personal style, decision-making and communication.

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