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LifeForward is pleased to invite you to enjoy 50%-off on Executive Coaching for Christmas 2020

2LifeForward Christmas coaching offer

Whether it’s for a business or personal need, working with a coach can bring clarity of thought, better self-awareness and development and a clearer sense of direction; it can be a transformational experience.

LifeForward Ltd is pleased to collaborate with Mind Matters Coaching Ltd to offer you the opportunity to give the gift of coaching to someone you care about at 50% of the usual rate.  Sarah Reynolds and Clelia Gueguen are passionate about their coaching work and the value it brings to their clients.  They share a belief in coaching as a way to gain forward momentum towards business and personal goals in order to realise full potential.

In addition, why not offer someone an Insights Discovery® personality profile, either as an extra or stand-alone Christmas gift?  Insights Discovery® is a practical and visual psychometric evaluation which helps people deepen their understanding of themselves and others in terms of colour energies.  It is the combination of all four colour energies that creates each unique personality.  

One-hour introductory coaching session:        £125 + VAT (normal price £250 + VAT)

Insights Discovery personality profile:              £100 + VAT

Offer is valid until 28th February 2021.  To book or find out more information, please email us at

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Clélia Gueguen

Clelia Ines
Mind Matters Coaching logo1

Clélia Gueguen, founder of Mind Matters Coaching Ltd, is a Certified Coach and Cambridge graduate.

Having previously spent 20 years as a Senior Risk Manager in the world of corporate finance, Clélia gained an invaluable insight into how to handle stressful situations in a demanding environment in order to help her clients. Her shift into the coaching world realised her true calling, helping businesses and individuals to achieve their potential by understanding and dealing with deeply rooted fears that may have stood in their way.

For Clélia, anything is possible with the right mindset. With an ability to connect with clients’ needs, she is an asset for any business or individual looking to evolve, leap forward, change paths and do better.