Executive Coaching

Executive coaching involves working through a situation with a neutral partner, such as the coach, who is an objective observer removed from the workplace, helps to bring clarity of thought, develop confidence to move forward and build required capabilities to fulfil our potential.

LifeForward’s one-to-one executive coaching is empathetic, challenging and action-focused. We combine listening, questioning, observing and feedback to explore the matters discussed and improve clarity, allowing for movement in thinking and building the opportunities for development.

Why work with us?

Clients value our professional approach and the experience we bring to our executive coaching engagements.  Without making assumptions about any individual client, this gives us insight and understanding of the world in which our clients work, the demands they are facing and the opportunities and possibilities they have, enabling us to establish an easy rapport from the start.

Common Areas of Focus

Executive Coaching at LifeForward

Authentic leadership


Building presence


Innovative thinking

Awareness of others

Time management

Challenge behaviours and beliefs

Define goals


Emotional intelligence

Personal leadership styles

Business development

Working with stakeholders

Managing conflict


What to expect

A typical executive coaching session lasts for two to three hours.

Each session allows time for the client to explore their own thinking and behaviours fully and then develop a clear plan of action for change or development.

We recommend a minimum of three executive coaching sessions over a period of several months.

Regular meetings help the client and holds them accountable for delivering on their actions, enabling reinforcement of new or desired behaviours.


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In-person Coaching

Video Coaching

Ongoing Support

Step 1 ~
Where are
you now?

A realistic assessment of one’s current position is a good starting point for personal development. This requires honesty with oneself, self-reflection and self- awareness.

How coaching can help

Working with a trusted coach, who will listen, question and challenge perceptions, can be valuable for busy people to take the time they need to pause and reflect on what's working well and what could be improved.

Step 2 ~
What are your
goals and

Identifying goals and aspirations helps give direction and meaning to what we do. Aligning personal and business goals ensure positive engagement at work and a balance in life.

How coaching can help

Coaching provides the opportunity to challenge ourselves to do things differently or better, to try something new, set aspirational goals and to fulfil our potential.

Step 3 ~
What is stopping
you moving

Limiting behaviours and beliefs are often hard to identify and even harder to change. Getting to the root cause of a problem is a critical first step in solving it.

How coaching can help

Through listening and questioning, a coach challenges individuals to develop their self-awareness, to gain an understanding of motivations and beliefs,  take ownership of behaviours and understand how to bring about change.

Step 4 ~
What do you
need to

Changing habitual behaviours takes practice, enabling the brain to create new connections and allowing new desired patterns of behaviour to become the norm.

How coaching can help

Working with a coach over an extended period can help reinforce new desired patterns of behaviour and provide the discipline and accountability needed to focus on and achieve ambitious goals. 

The Benefits of Executive Coaching
Coaching for self-development

Ability to move forward on issues and goals

Better motivation and personal effectiveness

Greater self-awareness and understanding

Increase self-confidence and self-belief

Build self-esteem

Manage stress

Identify unhelpful and limiting behaviours

Increase resourcefulness and resilience

Adapt to change

Coaching for Communication

Coaching can also help better communication in many areas of work and life:

Influencing people

Building relationships

Effective leadership

Creating a vision

Effective meetings

Giving and receiving feedback

Building eminence in the market

What our clients say

It was useful to have someone outside the firm to share thoughts and ideas with and to gain fresh perspectives on how to approach issues within a safe comfort zone.


Sarah’s coaching helped me gain better self-awareness of my leadership style and whether I was on the right track for people management.  The exercise on gathering feedback about how others viewed me was especially useful as it gave me the confidence that the persona that I believe I have is also how others view me.  I am consequently learning to detach myself from emotions when issues surface and just focus on solving the issues at hand.


Having a personal coach allows someone to provide you with direct feedback on you as a person, rather than simply based on generics or case studies.  A follow-up review after six months was also helpful.  


I would be happy to recommend LifeForward coaching to others.  I liked the fact that the sessions were free-flow and that you could talk about anything within the context of the objectives set for the coaching sessions. 


Deloitte LLP Singapore

Sarah’s coaching style is excellent, very pro-active, always pushing me to work on myself in order to understand the problematic and trying to find myself the answers. Sarah has always been very positive, asking the right question at the right time. Sarah’s main strength is taking the time to understand a situation, spotting the right issues, and leaving me to work myself to find the right answer.


The coaching sessions have helped me to understand and analyse my situation.  It has helped me to gain confidence and to enter in a positive and winning attitude, which is key to developing a good career.  Sarah’s coaching has been incredibly useful after only two sessions.  I would definitely recommend Sarah to anyone who needs a coach.

Investment Banker


I had the first of two coaching sessions with Sarah shortly after having moved my entire family from our long-term family home to a new home with my partner.  In addition to being a mother, I work full time, have many additional professional commitments beyond my basic clinical job and needed to write a dissertation to complete a Master of Arts within a tight deadline.  


Although I do a lot, it makes me feel fulfilled; it is my choice.  Sarah helped me to stand back from my normal frantic juggling and pause to prioritise the different demands on my time.  Through her coaching she enabled me to gain a feeling of control, reassessing and redefining priorities and helping me to understand my needs.  


Sarah has a relaxed coaching style and probes in an inconspicuous manner, provoking reflection.  She allowed me to talk freely but then made me question why things were as I had represented them.


I recommend the opportunity of coaching with Sarah unreservedly.  I found the experience most rewarding and felt really positive after our second session.  I successfully completed my Masters in time for the deadline, despite lots of other things coming up during the intervening months, and settled my family. 

Consultant Anaesthetist

Executive Coaching and Insights Discovery

At LifeForward we use Insights Discovery in one-to-one coaching to help clients develop self-awareness and understanding of themselves and others. Insights Discovery is a psychometric evaluation tool that builds on Carl Jung’s 8-type wheel to describer personality preferences in terms of colour energies. It helps people to easily recognise and understand differing personality styles and preferences to improve communication, team work and leadership capabilities.

Sarah Reynolds, LifeForward Coaching

Sarah Reynolds


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