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The pace of change today presents real opportunities for businesses to grow and adapt. But this also brings challenges. Businesses may need to adapt products and services, change how products and services are delivered, review ways of working and leverage technology to improve efficiency and maintain competitive edge.

Providing Business Coaching to businesses and organisations, LifeForward works alongside key stakeholders, both individually and in teams, to articulate a vision and develop a clear strategy for the future in order to achieve goals, address challenges and meet ambitious business objectives.

Why work with us?

At LifeForward we leverage our expertise in business and coaching to help clients analyse and review the current position and develop and implement a strategic plan for change.

Common Areas of Focus

Business Coaching at LifeForward

Culture change

Business resilience

Strategy implementation

Articulate a vision

Strategy development

Team dynamics



Corporate wellness

Talent strategy

Staff engagement

Stakeholder communication

What to expect

Through facilitated discussions, 360-degree feedback, coaching and workshops, LifeForward helps leaders to develop the strategic thinking, skills and awareness they need to build a vision and strategy to achieve future business goals and aspirations. We provide support for personal development to help drive culture change and build resilience.

Working with Insights Discovery to explore personality preferences, we help businesses build confidence, resilience, better communication and engagement, both at an individual level and within the business model. The result? A clear vision, a flexible and forward-looking strategy and a dynamic, adaptable workplace.

We also offer Leadership Development programmes for key stakeholders

Step 1 ~
Articulate a
clear vision

In a rapidly changing world, driven by technological advancement, businesses need to look ahead and embrace the opportunities ahead.

How coaching can help

Create a clear, aspirational and motivational vision aligned to core business values.

Step 2 ~
Assess the
current situation

A realistic assessment of the business requires honest, open dialogue and leadership self-awareness.  Listening to feedback and observations from managers and teams is critical.

How coaching can help

Look at behaviours, attitudes, beliefs and motivations - not just data and financial information.

Step 3 ~
Identify barriers
to change

Identify the threats to the business.  What behaviour and practices are limiting potential?<br>

How coaching can help

Through listening and questioning, a coach challenges individuals to develop their self-awareness, to gain an understanding of motivations and beliefs,  take ownership of behaviours and understand how to bring about change.

Step 4 ~
Develop a
strategic plan

Looking at all aspects, a good business strategy will articulate a high-level plan across critical areas of the business; detailed month-by-month actions, KPIs and objectives can then be defined.

How coaching can help

Identify the key pillars of the new strategy:

  • Clients?
  • Operations?
  • Talent?
  • Innovation?
  • Resourcing?
  • Finance?
The Benefits of Business Coaching
  • Leaders face the need for change at an unprecedented pace. Implementing change can, however, be challenging - people tend to be resistant to the new and unknown. Yet getting buy-in from colleagues, teams and stakeholders is critical to success when managing change. Good communication and planning is essential to maintain the momentum and follow plans through to completion

  • Working with an external partner can be invaluable when developing and implementing business and cultural change. LifeForward works with clients to assess the need for change through facilitated discussions, gathering feedback and interviewing key stakeholders. We help leaders to develop the strategic thinking and awareness needed to build and implement a plan

What our clients say

I highly recommend Sarah as a coach to any business or team leader who struggles with certain challenges in his/her job and wants to move in a different direction.  She has been my “online” coach since early 2015.  At first I was a bit sceptical about the effectiveness of online coaching, but I must say that it works remarkably well.  


Sarah has been a (global) team leader for many years and has a lot of real life experience to share with her coachees.  Sarah’s approach to coaching is empathetic, challenging and action-focussed.  She listens exceptionally well and asks very pertinent questions which go to the root of a problem and create greater self-awareness.  She has the ability to steer a conversation in such a way that it is the coachee who formulates his/her goals and commits to an adapted action plan.  

Staf, Director

Deloitte LLP Brussels

Sarah’s friendly and professional approach was very engaging and ensured that I kept my eye on the strategic rather than the operational ,which is what I needed.  Her coaching helped me to focus my thoughts on why I could and should get the job, rather than the barriers to this.  I would recommend Sarah without hesitation.

Executive Head Teacher


We found the session with Life Forward Coaching extremely valuable.  As a start-up business, we found that things were moving very quickly.  Facilitated by Sarah we were able to focus on our purpose and mission and circle back to our values to ensure internal cohesion and alignment.  It was a very beneficial process for us.

Jo Shropshire, Founding Director

Benesys Ltd

I used Sarah’s services at LifeForward to help me, both personally and in my business role.  I had transitioned from a corporate management role to working as a director with my husband in our financial advice business.  Moving from an environment working within a large team of people to working with one other person was a massive change.  I also had to deal with moving from a role where I could specialise in one area to one where I had to do everything, from admin to book-keeping, which was a shock and a big knock to my confidence. 


Sarah helped me focus on all the things I am good at rather than judge myself by the ones I was not so comfortable with.  She gave me clarity of thinking and increased focus.  I would thoroughly recommend LifeForward Coaching from both a personal and business perspective.

Alison Henderson, Director

Somborne Financial Planning
Business Coaching vs Leadership Development...
Are you wondering if you need Business Coaching or Leadership Development?
  • Firstly, since LifeForward always works with clients to understand the real needs of the business and individual, don't worry too much about which you might need - just get in touch and start the conversation

  • However, if you want to have a better understanding before you contact us, business coaching looks at the business and how the business as a whole functions. We help the key stakeholders decide whether there is a need for strategic or cultural change and, if so, what that needs to be

  • Leadership development focuses on the individuals who are driving the business to give them the skills and awareness they need, either individually or as a group, to lead successfully either in their current role or in the next stage in their career

Sarah Reynolds, LifeForward Coaching

Sarah Reynolds


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