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Coaching individuals and teams, we help bring clarity of purpose and confidence to drive high performance.

Our training and leadership development ensures leaders and their teams have the skills needed for the future of the business.

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Leadership Development

Update on LifeForward’s Services

Virtual Workshops

We have a full range of workshops on topics as diverse as resilience, leading in a virtual environment and building a positive mindset. We use the profiling tool – Insights Discovery – to help develop self-awareness and understanding.  Workshops can include introductory training for you or your team – or simply provide support for your colleagues as they continue to adjust to today’s changing world. Find out more about Insights Discovery.

Transformational Leadership

As licensed practitioners for Insights Discovery, we are now able to offer clients the Transformational Leadership profile as part of our Leadership Development programmes. Find out more about Transformational Leadership.

LifeForward Coaching News Update

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Explore our latest news and articles below. Pick a category and enjoy reading! Resilience A series of articles in building a personal resilience strategy. Deeper

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At LifeForward we have coaching at the core of all that we do. Why? Because for us, coaching is about a can-do mindset, an unconditional positive regard for our clients and a belief in their potential to achieve and succeed.

We work with our clients to drive high performance, whether individually or as a team, to help them achieve both personal or business goals and deliver success, however that is measured.

We deliver practical, business-focused development solutions, drawing on our own experience of working within the international business environment, blended with years of coaching and facilitating businesses in UK, Europe and Asia. We work with leaders and business owners to provide personal and leadership development, focusing on emotional intelligence and authentic leadership as a foundation for broader development.

We work with clients globally, collaborating with our associate LifeForward Coaching Singapore, to provide coaching, leadership development and Insights Discovery services.

Developing Emotional Intelligence

Why is emotional intelligence so important in a leader? Is this something a leader can develop?

Emotional Intelligence, otherwise known as EQ or emotional competencies, has become more important than ever as leaders and teams need to adapt to new ways of working and deal with continuing uncertainty in the world at large. Empathy, transparency, optimism, inspiration and conflict management are just a few of the emotional competencies that will be put to the test within the “new normal”. Leaders now need to find new definitions of “success” and continue to reward and support their teams through periods of change.

At LifeForward we seek to develop emotional intelligence throughout our coaching and workshops. We regard self-awareness and self-management as the foundations for most aspects of personal growth and team development. Find out more about emotional intelligence.

LifeForward's services

LifeForward's approach to coaching

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The best ideas and solutions come from within ourselves. At LifeForward we do not tell you how to run your business, your career or your life. Instead, we leverage our expertise in business, leadership development and coaching to listen, challenge and question with a positive belief in everyone’s ability to identify their own solutions

Working through a situation with a neutral partner, such as the coach, who is an objective observer removed from the workplace, helps to bring clarity of thought, develop confidence to move forward and build the required capabilities to fulfil potential

At LifeForward we work with clients to develop a clear vision and strategy

We are action-focused and expect clients to commit to clearly defined, measurable goals

We bring a professional, empathetic yet challenging approach to our work with clients, ensuring engagement and rapport is built with stakeholders at all levels in an organisation

We offer leadership development and executive coaching to help clients build self-awareness, motivation and confidence

Executive Coaching vs Mentoring

Coaching involves a specialist trained to support you to look at yourself.  Coming from outside the business, coaches encourage a fresh perspective, freedom to explore and to find the answers within.

Coaching and Insights Discovery

We have found that Insights Discovery offers a unique research-based tool to provide a common language to explore many of the dynamics that we look at throughout the coaching journey.

Leadership Development vs Training

Rather than teach you how to lead, coaching works through facilitated self-enquiry. We recognise that leadership is unique to each individual and authenticity has to come from within.

Business Coaching vs Consulting

Coaching is aimed at unlocking the untapped potential of both your individuals and your business. This enhancement remains when we leave – and can be further built on.

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